Blenhiem – Hans and Di take us fishing

Wine…wine and more wine…or so Shell thought.  We drove through Blenhiem and saw all the lovely wineries but as the sun had decided to put his hat on and we were actually warm for the first time in a while we decided to buy some Pure Summertime lager which hit the spot perfectly.  We got to Blenhiem and decided to check out a free campsite called Robin Hood Bay.  Our sat nav took us through Blenhiem and passed a really nice coast line along the way…however we kept driving.  We were on a very rocky and gravelly road for quite some time and ended up at our destination just as our petrol light came on.  We were a bit worried that we might not make it back due to the gradient we would soon have to climb on our return but decided to not worry as we had a day in the sun and some beers to worry about first!  The campsite was very basic (it was just a field with a drop toilet that smelt quite bad) but it was on the coast line with a nice view of the ocean… more importantly it didn’t cost a penny.  The evening was uneventful except for when another couple of campers rocked up who had a solar shower that they took within our eye sight and then later knocked on our door asking if we could put their iceblocks in our fridge for a bit which we were more than happy to do.

We awoke to a lovely, although somewhat blustery day the next morning and drove up the rocky terrain hoping we would make it in to Blenhiem to fill up.  However on the way to Blenhiem we saw another campsite called Whites Bay (which wasn’t free but was only 6 pound for the night between us and had cold showers too) and besides if we were going to run out of petrol anyway might aswell enjoy another nice day by the beach.  Whites Bay was stunning and had a really nice coast line but what made it for us were the Kiwi couple who were living in a camper and touring NZ (they had been in the north island for 2 years and 6 in the south) who were kind enough to take us fishing in the hope that we might catch some lunch.

To say that I had a nightmare would be an understatement.  I did have several bites, especially when we were using fresh muscles that we picked as bate….however I couldn’t bring anything in and my line got tangled a lot.  Shell had a similar experience and lost her hook however she can apparently handle her tackle a bit better than me.  We headed back to the camp and after lunch we decided to do a short 1 hour walk to Rarangi which was pleasant but uneventful.  All in all we had a really nice time here mainly due to the kindness of Hans and Di who baited us up and tried to teach us how to feed ourselves and all round kept us entertained….it far outweighed the pain from the freezing cold shower.

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