Christchurch – The Terminal(s)

We drove to Christchurch the next day soaking up as much of the blue skies and beautiful mountains as we could along the way and jointly decided that New Zealand is the most beautiful country we had ever been too.  We dropped the van off and were told there was no noticeable damage and were informed that we would get our full refund which made our day.

We got dropped off at the airport at 4:15pm fully aware that we wouldn’t be flying until 6am the next day.  We both kind of felt like Tom Hanks in the terminal except we were asked to move from the domestic terminal which had really comfy sofa’s to lay on…and also from the main bit of the international terminal so had to sit in a bit where they had blatantly cranked up the aircon to make our stay all the more enjoyable!  We had hoped to get a few hours shut eye but due to the temperature and the very uncomfortable seats we caught up on the blog (obviously not enough as I’m sat here in Airlie beach in Aus catching up) and watched some episodes of 24 which we have gotten in to since we started it in Thailand.  The night went quite quickly and it was 4am before we knew it so we treated ourselves to a cuppa and another episode of 24 (when we really should have focused on the blog).

So that is NZ in a nutshell!  6 weeks of the most beautiful sights we had both ever seen.  We were so glad we did it in a camper as we got to get around at our own pace and were and still are so grateful at the kindness of the locals (Jo, James, The Coopers, The Prestons, Dan (and Sarah), AJ & Daphne, Hans and Di etc).  8 weeks would maybe have been a bit better to see more of the North Island but 6 weeks was just enough.  Next stop…Aus and some serious sunshine!!…..we hope!

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