Hoi An – Full moon celebration but not as you know it

We got a bus from Hoi An at about 8am for about 4 dollars after spending some time trying to find the cheapest that we could.  The bus wasn’t in the best condition and shell’s chair would not stay in the upright position  so she spent most of it leaning back on the girl behind her and saying sorry.

We got to Hoi Ann at about lunch time and were taken to a place that was offering a free bus in to town as the bus station was a little bit out from the centre.  We checked it out and the supposed “pool” onsite which was more of a tiny manmade lake and were not impressed so I went on a walk about to find something else.  I wandered around for a bit and was stopped by a man on a motorbike who said he worked for a nice hotel that would match the price of the cheapo-hotel we didn’t really like.  I checked it out and was surprised that it had some character and a pool outside so we decided to stay at the Phoc An Hotel.

The first evening we went to the full moon festival which is nothing like the full moon festivals you may experience in Thailand.  Locals and travellers congregate down at the river and place floating candles on the water.  There is a section of the city where motorbikes are not permitted for the night and the shops turn off their electricity  and are lit with lanterns which was very nice and tranquil.

We used the free bicycles from the hotel each day and cycled 5 km to the beach.  It was about 35 degrees and really humid so we got a proper sweat on by the time we got there and Shell’s stomach was feeling a bit dodgey which after some research we attributed to the doxcycline malaria tablets we had both been taking (one mystery solved).

We ate most days in the Sunshine cafe which is opposite Cafe 43 (a lonely planet and trip advisor favourite) and enjoyed the local Cau Lau which is noodles which pork and what appeared to be pork scratching.  It was very cheap and so tasty…so sometimes I had two :-).

Hoi An was mostly about nice restaurants, really tasty food, super cheap beer, lush beaches and a chance to recharge the batteries…well worth a visit.

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