Kerr Bay – Taking sweets from strangers is bad….but Pear is definitely a grey area

So after another longish day of driving but with plenty of stops and picture opportunities on the way we arrived at a campsite in the Nelson Lake region.  People seemed to rave about it online and they had showers so we excited about this…it had been a few days by this point and washing in the sink was beginning to lose it’s novelty.
So we rocked up to Kerr Bay, which again was in a beautiful lake side setting.  Before we had even kicked off our shoes one of the other campers came a knocking on a window – assuming we were going to get told off for something or other we reluctantly opened our door.  To our surprise this elderly gent, just popped over to give us a bit of advice on our power plug and he then invited us over to their motorhome for a drink and to exchange travelling stories.  We were a little reluctant at first, mainly because we had our whole night already planned out…watch a film on the laptop, do some popcorn in the microwave (as we had power) and grab an early night as we had a long drive the next day.  Anyways, after we had finished our bottle of wine for dinner we trotted over to their huge american style motorhome and gave them a knock and we greeted with some fresh pear.


As it turned out AJ and Daphne were absolute legends, a really lovely couple who had been living on the road for about 8 years.  We had a real giggle with them and chatted for a good few hours before we retired to our very compact motorhome in comparison.


The next day we were up bright and early (with slightly sore heads due to the wine consumption) and left the campsite as we had actually not paid the full price…mainly out of principal as they were trying to charge the peak prices rather than off peak.  So we scarpered early, still in our pjs and didn’t looked back till we made it to a town called Richmond where we decided to treat ourselves to a proper English breakfast (obviously we had a quick change out of our pjs first) – Amazing!!!!

Once we were nicely filled up on our brekkie we got back on the road and continued north towards the Abel Tasman National Park, which we planned on being our home for the next few days.

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