Koh Samui – A beautiful place but Satan does visit here

Eager to show Gav what this travelling malarky was about (and to stay on budget) we decided we would head to Samui for a few days after the full moon and travel via a cheap taxi to the port and then on a ferry to Samui.  The port was ramo-ed due to the influx of people for the full moon party deciding to move on.  After over an hour of waiting (and a pad thai later) we boarded  where Shell decided she would chill in the main cabin whilst Gav and I soaked up the sun on deck.  Shell ended up being sat near groups of people who had obviously not stopped partying since the full moon party had ended some 28 hours prior.

Having  been to Samui 8 years before this trip we decided that we would stay at a beach up from Chaweng in a place called Lamai.  In the lonely planet books it says it’s busy and full of bars and some hookers…..when we got there it turned out it was very busy with lots and lots of bars full of hookers.  The resort we stayed at was nice but was a popular destination for European tourists…..in particular one young German child who shall from this point be known as Satan.  But we will revisit his story shortly.

We spent my birthday on Samui and had a nice chilled out day; after opening my cards that Gav had kindly brought with him we rented mopeds and headed to Chaweng beach which is still beautiful but full of resorts.  After calling home in a coffee shop and having the briefest of chats with my father Gav and I played Frisbee and a Vietnamese shuttle cock football-esq game for large parts of the afternoon whilst Shell chilled and took some arty photos of us.  We headed back via the strip that Shell and I had stayed on and were shocked at how busy it was.  After a stroll down memory lane we went back to Lamai and found a beach side bar away from the go go bars that had little tables dotted about its stall coupled with beach mats and candles.  I lit a lantern and sent it skyward, made a wish and continued relaxing whilst looking at the starts and the moon thinking about the universe, great bday.

In the days that followed I had a run in with Satan.  Gav and I were sitting by the pool earlyish in the morning causing no harm to anyone when a small child came at us quite jovially.   He laughed at us and we laughed back unaware of the fire that was obviously burning in his stomach.  He made a grab for my kindle (which was my second one of the trip due to a previous incident) however I was far too  quick for this blonde 6-7 year old.  What happened next is still a bit of a blur to me, but I’m pretty sure that he managed to pull off a shimmy and grab my iphone and make a dash for the pool.  I was hopeful that I could catch him or at least deter him from running in the pool….that was until he actually got in the children’s pool with my phone in his hand.  In a slow motion moment that seemed to last forever he held the phone in the air and dunked himself under water…..unfortunately (and I still believe that his intention was to not dunk the phone due to my ill found belief in humanity) the phone went under with him.  To cut a long long story to just long the phone was done!  It was an old 3GS but it was my lifeline to back home with its Wifi capabilities and no matter how long I soaked the phone in a bag of rice it was the end of the road for me and my phone.  I still miss you old friend.

On the next day we decided to go a bit further a field and headed to Mae Nam.  If we were to have our time again we would chosen to stay on this side of the island as it was far more relaxed and had cheaper restaurants.  We found ourselves near big Budha beach on a small stretch of beach with sun lounges that could fit the three of us on and surrounded by dogs one of which we called shadow because he was as cool as nuts.

We loved having scooters out so we decided to save a bit of money on Gav’s taxi fair to the airport and rented scooters with shell on the back of mine with some of his luggage and him taking his big bag which turned out made him sweat a fair bit as it was baking hot after all.  After dropping Gav off we returned to the Big Budha beach and chilled with Shadow again.  On the way home from our meal Shell and I headed to a Tesco Lotus and were immediately transported to the Sprowston one in Norwich so we spent a while in there and took some snaps.

The next day we ended up on the inaugural flight to Penang in Malaysia

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