Milford Sound/Te Anau – A boat trip, great views and another lovely lake


Next up we headed towards Milford Sound(s) (we can’t remember whether it’s plural or not) but not before a stop off in Te Anau as we had read that there was a free campsite to stay at.  We got there quite late but just before it got dark which was good as it was quite eerie and there was an abandoned bus about 50 feet away which looked deserted and had blacked out windows.  Three other vans turned up as we were in bed at around 11pm and left early but it was nice to have some company with the ghost bus in such close proximity.

The next day we got away from the ghost bus and headed up towards Milford Sound.  On the way up there we noticed that there were lots of cheap DOC campsites (Department of Conservation aka cheap ones albeit with stunning views) so said we would revisit one of the way back for an evening.

When we got to Milford Sound we made some cheese sandwiches and sat in our van and ate our lunch as we waited for our boat trip to start.  Unfortunately it was a bit cloudy however the views were still breath taking and the captain provided us with information regarding the surrounding rainforest and the history of how Milford Sound was discovered (James Cook wasn’t that interested apparently as he didn’t see the entrance from the sea…lazy bugger hey).

After two hours on the boat and more than our fair share of waterfalls we were taken back ashore.  We drove down to a campsite called Lake Gunn where there were a few other campers and had a nice evening beside a beautiful lake whose beauty would only increase as Shell got up for her early morning wee and took some great pics.

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