Mui Ne – Where mini golf is surprisingly quite expensive

We were glad to check out of our place in Nha Trang because whilst it was dirty cheap (about 5 quid a night) it was a bit rank…and the room had not been cleaned in the three days we had been (and Shells gets a bit tetchy if our room is not cleaned daily).

After hearing from many other travellers that there was a chilled out beach place down south we decide to pay Mui Ne a visit.  So we hopped on another bus which took 5/6 hours and arrived in Mui Ne at 2pm.  We had scoped out a few places and luckily we were dropped off on the road we wanted to be (we really should start asking where abouts we are going to get dropped off).  We were boiling hot when we got to our place (Bien Nho) so headed to the pool despite the prospect of rain and chilled in the cold water jacuzzi whilst the rain hammered down.  It was the nicest accommodation we had stayed in for a while so we happily spend the rest of the afternoon chilling in our room watching episodes of 24, New Girl and a Game of Thrones during the downpour.

The beach near our place was a bit raw and not all that nice but if you walk further into the heart of Mui Ne there is a nice beach, albeit surrounded by loads of posh resorts.  That first evening we saw that there was a place named Sindbads across the road which allegedly sold KeBaps which we assumed were a derivative of Kebabs.   Needless to say the food was the best we had had for some time and we polished off three Kepbaps between us and proceeded to frequent this place for the next 5 days (mixing it up with the odd chicken salad of course).

That evening we walked for a few kilometers to see what Mui Ne was about.  Shell soon grew tiresome of the walking and I had to bribe her with an ice cream for her to walk any further.   Simon and Leanne emailed us to say that Danang was raining and was not fulfilling their expectations so they were heading to Mui Ne.

The next day we had lunch at the Sindbads and vowed we must try somewhere else for dinner which was a mistake as it was not that great.  Shell ordered a chicken dish that came with fried potatoes which we thought would be some local delicacy…however turns out that fried potatoes actually means “chips” which I’m sure we must have known at some point and forgotten!

Simon and Leanne met us the next day and we decided to get mopeds out.  Shell and I had been reluctant to get mopeds out for some reason so this was a first…and the first time I have properly ridden a moped.  After I told the owner of the hotel that I had ridden a moped before he gave me a 1 minute crash course and I was soon speeding down the highway getting to grips with it.  After 10 mins I decided I should probably go back and get Shell which she was grateful for as had come to the front of the hotel to see where I had gone.  We had a day on the bikes and headed to the Red Sand dunes where we were coerced into sliding down the hills on the large bits of shiny card (which cost a good few dollars each) by a bunch of 10 years olds who don’t appear to go to school, but do smoke and play cards to pass the time.

We then went to the white sand dunes which were more relaxed and spend a while trying to take a picture of the 4 of us jumping in the air which Simon and I failed at massively.  On the way back we looked for lunch but only found expensive resorts so took Simon and Leanne to Sindbads for a routine Kebap and Chicken Salad (they really are good I’m not making this up – nothing like those you get down Prince of Wales Road).  That evening we were about to head out and saw that it was peeing it down we decided to wait out the storm especially as our bike didn’t have working lights which the owner had “apparently” fixed earlier in the day.   It did die down but then as we were driving to our destination only 2km away it start to hammer down and once again our “waterproof” jackets were left wanting.  We met Simon and Leanne and headed to a restaurant for BBQ’d meat and seafood which was pretty good.

The next day we relaxed by the pool and then went to a bar on the beach in the evening where we met some interesting characters including a traveller who had cycled around Europe and had been living in India for the past few months (his story was much more interesting coming from his mouth I swear).  There was a fire on the beach which was lovely but did get very smokey and make our clothes stink….definitely getting old aren’t I.

The final day we went to play mini gold but the French owner would not budge on the price of about 6 quid each despite the course being repaired so we gave that a miss and went and played cards for the rest of the day.  All in all not a lot to report or do in Mui Ne but a really good place to get bikes out, go exploring and just chill.

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