Nha Trang – Sometimes Willies can lighten the mood

So the night bus down to Nha Trang was interesting – we had expected something similar to the spacious, comfy buses in Laos (minus the horrendous roads).  No such luck, somehow we both managed to get hustled to the back of the queue for the bus (Vietnamese don’t queue) and we ended up with what a Malaysian man later told us “the worst seats on the bus”.  Somehow I managed to land the seat over the loo, which not only stank but also was the one seat on the bus where you were unable to straighten your legs out (I guess the loo beneath it had something to do with it).  All in all this meant for a very uncomfortable, sleepless journey.  Not to mention I think we made a few enemies on the way – our lonely planet book fell on the person beneath us…TWICE and then Scott’s guitar fell on the person the other side.

Anyway I didnt even bother trying to sleep, just read my book most of the time.  But typically I just nodded off and then we arrived, much earlier than we had expected – about 4am, so it was still dark.  Regardless, we got off the bus bleary eyed and were instantly surrounded by the usual touts and motorcyclists.  We were too tired to go wandering on our own and find a place to stay so we agreed to give 2 motorcyclists a dollar each for them to take us to a few places we’d seen in Lonely Planet.

Nha Trang was a surprising busy place at that time of the morning as we raced up and down the main road along the beach – the area was full of people exercising, either playing badminton or jogging or just carrying out some random aerobics.  After about 5 attempts we eventually found a place to stay (most others were full – i guess not surprisingly at 4am in the morning).  The place was very basic, but super cheap.  We had ourselves a nap before heading out to explore Nha Trang and more importantly, get some brekkie.

Nha Trang turned out to be pretty touristy, which had it’s benefits at times as we went into a supermarket which felt like the first time in absolutely ages. It was crazy how much this excited us!! But we made the most of it, buying cereal and then having that most mornings, which saved us a bob or two.

We spend most days down by the beach, and on our second day happened to bump into  Simon and Leanne who we had met in Hoi An, so we had dinner with them that night and watched the Wimbledon final in an Ozzie bar.  The next day we went on a day trip to some islands in the vicinity – it was ok, but the islands werent quite as spectacular as we had hoped, too many tourists for that.  The on boat entertainment was probably the best bit though – Karaoke after lunch and a ladyboy entertained us, he/she seemed to have a particular affinity to Scott which they both seemed to enjoy :).

SM: That evening shell decided when I asked her to put aftersun on my back that  it would be funny to draw a willy on my back.  Oh how she laughed…..however during this act I read a text from my dad that my nan had passed away.  My thoughts are with her and I hope she can see the funny side of the phallus that shell had drawn on my back the moment I found out.

That night we met up with Simon and Leanne again for some food and drinks, before we said our goodbyes – we were heading to Mui Ne the next day and they were heading to Danang.

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