Penang – Georgetown – Little India does big portions

As we boarded a very small plane in Koh Samui we were informed that we were in fact on the inaugural flight to Penang.  This didn’t really change much except that there were photographers waiting for us when we got off the plane snapping away.  I pulled off a textbook peace sign as we got off in Penang but don’t think we made the papers as we did keep an eye over the coming days.

We got a taxi to the centre of George town and ended up on Love street in a guesthouse called the Old Penang Guesthouse which was quirky but really nice.  We ended up watching the closing olympics ceremony which was a nice reminder of back home for us.  Rooms were tidy and there was free tea, toast (which actually tasted ok which was a change to the cardboard type bread we had had in other places) and fruit.

We asked the guy at reception to recommend somewhere good to eat and he suggested the Restoran Kapitan as it sold what he claimed to be the best Tandoori chicken he had ever eaten.  We went there expecting big things and were not disappointed!  The chicken Tandoori was stunning and the curry and naan bread we had was of equal quality.   The next day we ventured into the chinese quarter of George town (there is also a little India there) and went to the The Khoo Kongsi  which is a “large Chinese clanhouse with elaborate and highly ornamented architecture “.  There was quite a bit of street art which we snapped up at various points around town and can be seen on our pics on facebook.

After a day of walking around and taking a few snaps and being creatures of habit (and lovers of Indian cuisine) we went back to Restoran Kapitan.

The next day it rained most of the day so we treated ourselves to a day of lazing around aware of the fact that we needed to be up at at 4am to get a bus to the Perehentians.

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