Phnom Penh – The killings fields are a humbling experience

So the next stop was Phnom Penh – the journey here was pretty effortless.  We got the bus with Leanne and Simon, so had some company at least.  Unfortunately as we arrived in Phnom Penh is was absolutely chucking it down – perfectly timed for us getting off the coach with our bags.

Once we had got off and sheltered inside a travel agents for a while we got a tuk tuk together.  The driver (his name was Two) agreed to take us round a few guesthouses for $5.  We rocked up to a few and Scott and Leanne did the honours of going in and checking them out whilst Simon and I kicked back in the tuk tuk (it had now stopped raining) chatting to the driver.

After about 3 or 4 guesthouses which were all a bit grimy Two took us to one he recommended – turns out it was pretty nice and we got it at a bit of a bargain.  So we said our goodbyes to the driver and agreed for him to get us the next morning to taking us to the Killing Fields etc.

That night Scott and I headed out for some food and to suss out Phnom Penh – it seemed an ok place, a lot dirtier than we were expecting and a lot of very young children begging which was really sad.  We went for a Pizza at a place called Happy Herb pizza although didnt not have one of their “happy” pizza’s that others were enjoying.

Sooooo the next day Two (the tuk tuk driver) was waiting for us in reception – so off we went to the Killing Fields.  On arrival we received a headset and leaflet which instructed us on the route to take.  In short, it was an extremely eye opening experience and at times very emotional – it was difficult to comprehend the horrific atrocities which had taken place where we stood only 30 odd years previous.  We spent several hours there and were feeling pretty drained by the end of it, yet we still had the S21 prison to come which was where we headed next.  After we had looked around the prison for while and read all about what had gone on there I for one felt a little sick from it all – I’m squeamish at the best of times so reading about torture techniques was not something I felt I could do.

Once we had all finished looking around (Leanne and Simon actually ended up meeting one of the surviving prisoners) we were then taken to the Russian market – we still have no idea why it was called the “Russian” market,  but it was nice enough, we were just not sure how it related to the other places we had been that day.

After that (Scott a few vests and tshirts up), we were dropped back at the hotel.  Leanne and Simon headed off for some food whilst Scott and I…errrrm don’t know what we did, probably had a nap knowing us.  We met up with them both later that evening though for a drink and we said our goodbyes, for the first time in a while we were going to be heading in different directions – them Siem Reap and us Sihanoukville.

Toodles travelling buddies – we will hopefully see you super dooper soon x

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