Queenstown – So much potential to do stuff….or you could just have a massive burger

You will probably hear many a great thing about Queenstown by those who have visited the area…tales of great views if you take the cable car up to its highest point….fables of jumps made on snowboards…or just partially forgotten awesome drunken nights out.  Unfortunately you won’t be hearing any of those stories from Shell and I.  All we can really talk to you about is the burger that we had in town and how it made the rules for the rest of our day, not us.

We got to Queenstown around lunch time so decided to put washing on hold and listen to our stomachs which in my head was saying “go and find me a place where you can eat your body weight in burgers” so that is where we headed.  Fergburger is apparently quite famous out here for its burgers and it quite obvious why…..they rock the burger world more than any other establishment known to man.  As we stood in the queue and I made my decision to get a larger burger with BBQ sauce and bacon in, Shell decided that she too would have this burger.  Unfortunately for Shell this burger wasn’t just a massive burger…it was a massive DOUBLE patty burger.  And as she struggled towards the end of the burger she saw on the menu that they did do a smaller single patty burger with BBQ sauce and bacon too.  However she finished it and I was dead proud of her – although she didn’t feel all that well afterwards.

Unfortunately that kind of wrote the rest of the afternoon off as we were both faced with a bit of a food coma.  So we headed back to our holiday park which was nice enough but resembled a busy car park as there were so many people there.  We took advantage of having power for the night and had a relaxing night in whilst Queenstown was no doubt in the process of creating unforgettable memories for those who frequent its bars and restaurants.

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