Siem Reap – Angkor Waaatttttt!

After 4 nights in Sihanoukville we were totally ready to leave – just disappointed in ourselves for not staying in Otres beach the whole time.  Nevermind – we left on a night bus, which was a right old palaver…moving us from one bus, then back on it again, then it was overbooked so some people didn’t have seats.  We got there in the end though, arriving in Siem Reap about 6am – luckily we ended up booking a place to stay the day before so we had a tuk tuk driver (Mr Lee) waiting to pick us up and take us to our guesthouse.  After a pretty bumper ride down a dirt track where our bags nearly fell off the tuk tuk (again!!!) we got to Jasmine Gardens, which was dead nice.  We had ourselves some breakfast before settling in to our room.

That day we headed out for lunch and checked out the markets – we also bumped into a couple who had been sleeping in front of us.  They were Kiwis so gave us a few hints for do’s and don’ts in NZ.  Unfortunately that evening it all started going downhill a bit when Scott started to feel ill – needless to say it was a sleepless night for both of us and we didnt have any Paracetemol which meant I headed out at 5am that morning to find a pharmacist that was open.

For the next couple of days whilst Scott was ill nothing very eventful happened outside of the toilet – I just took myself off for wanders and made the most of having 2 persons food and drink budget to spend.

On the final day before we were due to leave Scott was feeling a lot better so we arranged for our sunrise trip to Angkor Wat.  We woke up bright and breezy (or not) at 4am and awaited Mr Lee to pick us up.  Of course just for us it was absolutely hammering it down on this particular morning, when it had been perfect weather every other day.  Anyhow, Mr Lee kindly lent Scott his rain coat and then we bought a cheapy cheap one for me from one of his mates.  We grabbed ourselves a cuppa when we arrived and made our way with the rest of the crowds to the prime spot to watch the sunrise.

Before we knew the sun had risen and it was light, not that we saw a thing as it was thick cloud – at least it had stopped raining though.  We then made our way around Angkor Wat, before heading back to find Mr Lee.  He then took us to the next temple, Bayon temple and then after that Ta Keo Temple, and then finally Ta Prohm which is one of the most famous as Tomb Raider was filmed here in parts.

We had a wonderful morning looking at all the temples and although we didnt see the sunrise as we had hoped it was great to explore and see with our own eyes these extraordinary places which we had only seen on postcards previously.

We left Siem Reap the following morning (another 4am wake up call).  Despite Scott’s dicky stomach we really enjoyed Siem Reap – nice restaurants, lovely people and lots and lots to see.  Certainly one of the nicest places we have been on our trip.

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