Week 4 Campervan – Part 2 – The Gold Coast

After 4 or so days of being in one place it felt pretty good to be back on the road again…we didn’t really have a clue where we were heading but we knew we would stop somewhere on the Gold Coast.

First stop was at Surfers Paradise – you could see the massive skyscrapers from miles away, but we were mainly interested in what the beaches had to offer, so we headed to Main Beach and found a quietish spot opposite Sea World (in Philip Park) where we spent a few hours and had our lunch.  It was a gorgeous beach and a lot quieter than we thought it would be, although you could see more crowds as you neared the centre of surfers paradise.  We ended up only driving straight through the city itself…which I think was enough for us – the fancy pants hotels and glitz and glammer just wasnt us anymore, and expensive nights out arent in our budget, so we kept driving through and eventually came to Palm Beach a few km south of surfers paradise.  There was a cheap campsite here which we stopped at and we also bumped in to Dutch Danny, who we had seen in Airlie Beach and Brisbane the day before.

The campsite was pretty basic but did a job for us – we cooked our Kangaroo burgers for dinner on the BBQs before watching a bit of TV before bed.

We were up early and both did a bit of exercise before checking out and heading straight to the beach over the road.  We just parked up and headed onto the beach and watched the huge amounts of surfers that were out on the waves…they were all pretty good, but what I can’t work out is why all these men aren’t at work at 10.30am on Tuesday.

Anyhoo we stayed on the beach till about 2pm..had ourselves some lunch and then took a shower by the beach, which is now becoming a regular thing when we are staying at freebies without facilities – we make the most of the beach showers, although we do get some funny looks when we are stood there in our swimmers with our shower gel and shower pouff…I think most people only use them for a rinse.  Oh well…so it was time to set off and find our camp for the night and head into a new state which meant a new time zone.

We left Palm beach and eventually found our camp for the night (after going the wrong way several times and ending up on someone’s farm!).

The camp itself was ok…it was full of a few rummen characters it seemed and the loo was only a drop toilet but it was free, and you can’t argue with that.  Shortly after arriving we were approached by a gentleman who was camping in his big luxurious Winnebago.  He wanted to just make us aware of another gent who was camping there in his tent…and had been for 12 years.

We got chatting to Eric and were invited over to his camper for 5sies…we were pretty confused by this as we’d forgetten about the time change but went over anyway with our box of goon in hand.  It turned out we had nothing to be embarrassed about…apparently you can get some good wines in a box, and they had a few of their own too.  So we got chatting to Eric and his wife Gail who were from the Gold Coast and lived in their camper full time – it was a proper beast though; probably bigger than a lot of houses.  But they were lovely and gave us loads of hints and tips on our travels – they were going to be heading Perth way after Christmas too.  It also turned out (after doing a little research later) their daughter lived in LA with all her family because their Grandson is Cody Simpson (no, I hadn’t heard of him either – only knew about it because I had read on Daily Mail about him seeing one of the younger Kardashian sisters).  So anyways turns out he his pretty famous in the US, so that is why they are out there…and Eric and Gail even went on tour with him last summer, around the US which they were telling us about.

We also got a talking about Nimbin and Eric and Gail were telling us how they have been there several times.  We weren’t planning on going there at all, but they convinced us it was definitely worth a visit if only just the once.  So we decided to go and to give it a whirl which meant putting Byron Bay off for just a day whilst we took a little detour.

Anyway we left them in the end, so they could cook their lamb chops and we could cook our….toodles (Tuna and Noodles).  In the meantime a couple we had met in Airlie Beach (Ben and Kat) rocked up and they came and sat and chatted with us for a bit whilst we had a dinner.  We all soon retired to bed, primarily because we were all getting bitten to death by mozzie’s.

Next stop, Nimbin!

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