Week 6 Campervan/Sam’s House – Part 1 – Sydney

Sydney – Day 1

After our sharpish exit from the last place we motored down the highway so we could get to Sydney ASAP and spend some time on Bondi Beach till Sam got home from work.  Unfortunately the weather was not in our favour – it was a proper grey day…or dank as I like to say.

As we hadn’t had a brew or any brekkie in our mad dash to escape the ranger we decided that perhaps we would treat ourselves to some on the road.  Unfortunately we made a pretty bad judgement, by choosing a place that was not only called “The Rock” but was also shaped like a rock..the building basically looked like it was papermache and had been painted a browny, orange something like it was attempting to form part of the set of the Flintstones movie.

Anyhooo unsurprisingly the breakfast was utterly horrendous and the cup of tea was even worse.  Feeling pretty low and slightly ashamed about the amount of money we had just wasted on breakfast we got back on the road and didnt talk a great deal to one another.

We were soon approaching Sydney and with the weather still really drizzly, we decided to stop off in a suburb somewhere and have us some lunch…this consisted of the cereal we wished we had had for brekkie.  We found a cute little park with benches and the like, so sat in there…Scott then gave the van a little spruce whilst I stood outside doing our washing up, (as you do!).

We headed towards Bondi…which was pretty stressful to say the least – we really were not used to driving in amongst lots of cars and on proper busy roads, so we were relieved when we reached Bondi unscathed.  We had ourselves a little wander…but the drizzle restricted us from wapping out our bikinis and going for a paddle.  When we then made our way to Sam’s we were faced with a problemo…the bleeding van wouldnt fit under the gateway to Sam’s parking area – absolutely typicial.  It was gone 5pm by this point and there was a spot over the road that could be parked in till 7am the next morning…so we figured sod it, plus I was too giddy and excited to see Sam to care by this point.

Sam (bless her cotton picking socks) had treated us to a little goody bag…it was seriously like Christmas had come early,  I was so excited.  We had an advent calendar in there each, a terry’s chocolate orange each, a shower pouff EACH and then there were some face cleansing goodies for me…such as eye makeup remover which I had been craving for aaaaaages.

Very conscious that we both probably really stank as we hadn’t had a proper shower in 3 days (not including ones by the beach and solar shower ones) top of our agenda was to get in the shower.  Scott did straight away but I was so excited to see Sam, we just gassed away for ages til we realised it was getting late and that we best have some dinner.  So I got in the shower whilst Sam cooked us a mega Thai Green Curry – was lush.  Several beers, ciders and wines later we eventually got in bed – Scott was a bit tiddly by this point as he’d been guzzling goon also.



Day 2 –

On the day that Timmy was due to have a checkup I was up early as the van had to be moved at 6:45 due to parking restrictions in the Bondi Beach area.  I didnt quite have it in me to go to Travellers Autobarn yet so I parked up down the road at a pay and display and headed back for some much needed kip.  A couple of hours later Timmy and I were o n the road whilst Shell and Sam drank tea and gassed away.

I dropped Timmy off at the Travellers autobarn office hoping to see him again soon….

I got back and cooked up some toodles and then chilled out in the lounge taking advantage of a sofa for the first time in a while.  Later that afternoon Shelly and I walked to Bondi Junction which was a bit further away than we had anticipated and certainly contained more hills.  We did our usual 1 hour in coles and decided we would cook up something nice for our host.

We decided on Salmon baked with breadcrumbs with roasted veg and parsely sauce (a Glenda Gunstone original) which we ate that night.  It was a bit hot for such a meal so I kept having to have a break and wander outside on the balcony for some air and a word with myself.  We had a good evening and Shell got a chance to catch up with one of her close friends.  We got in to bed and were chuffed to be in comfortable surroundings again.




Day 3 –

Day 3 and we had big plans to unleash our inner tourist and see all the sites of Sydney.  Unfortunately the weather was rubbish, so the first part of our planned day we scrapped (getting a bus to Watsons Bay to look over the city), but another core feature definitely remained intact – brunch!  It seems brunch is kind of a big deal in Sydney…everyone loves it and we were lucky enough to be staying at Sam’s as she lives directly opposite one of the best brunch places in Sydney; Brown Sugar. It definitely lived up to expectations and was a proper little treat – hash browns in particular were amazeballs.  If you are going to Bondi I would definitely recommend it.

Umbrellas in hand we then hopped on the bus and headed to Circular Quay – the rain had subsided a little luckily so we went for a wander round the harbour bridge, to the opera house and to the botanical gardens, which were gorgeous.  I was pretty snap happy as I was soooo excited to finally be in Sydney.  We had ourselves a cup of tea in the gardens whilst overlooking the view of the harbour, which was stunning.  Next up, we headed to The Rocks and wandered around here for a while, which was gorgeous – the buildings were all very British which I loved.

Before long it started raining again, so we headed for the nearest pub which happened to be a German one, so we got in a few beers and a pretzel and sat and watched Sydney go buy.  3 pints later Sam had finished work so came and met us for another beer – once we were done we then headed to the Glenmore to meet some of Sam’s friends…all fellow expats.  Several wines in and we were well on our way to being typsy – I do recall at one point one the girls (who was a chef) brought out some banana bread from somewhere.  I think Scott and I practically bit her hand off to get to a slice..it was amazing.

We soon decided it was time to go home and ended up getting a taxi back to Sam’s in Bondi – we also ordered dominoes on the way home…mmm mmmmm!! Once we got back to Sam’s the wine kept flowing and we also Skyped with Kaisleigh and Islay which was amazing and so good to see them both.  We soon crawled into bed, knowing we had to be up quite early as we had a skype date with the bootiful Relton.

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