Week 6 Campervan/Sam’s House – Part 2 – Sydney

Day 4

Day 4 in Sydney and we all woke feeling a bit rough, but Sam and I stuck to our Skype date with Charl and it was really really nice to have a good old chat with her.  After another little nap we pulled ourselves together, showered, made a mini picnic and headed to the beach. Sam had rustled us up a mean lunch, with cheese and ham sarnies, crisps and fruit – mmm mmmm!! The afternoon was mainly spent laying on the grassy area on Bondi Beach, which was really nice.  As it cooled down we had a little walk along the coastline to the next beach along which was really nice and much needed to clear our fuzzy heads.  On the way back to Sam’s (having decided earlier in the day we really fancied a lasagne) we picked up a few bits and a few treats from the local bakery before heading home and getting our comfies on.

Sam cooked us up an awesome lasagne and then we got comfy for a perfect Saturday night, watching a film, drinking tea and eating cheesecake – perfection!!

Day 5

Sunday morning…and we had all the best intentions in the world of getting up early and really making the most of the day.  Of course that didnt happen as we all treated ourselves to a nice long lie in.

Once we were up and about though, we got the bus and headed to Circular Quay.  It was a gorgeous day…really hot and sunny.  We got the ferry over to Manly, which was great as we managed to see some of the best sights from the water…and get lots of nice piccies too of course.  Once we got to Manly, we got our priorities in order…food! We ended up going to a place called Moo (a gourmet burger restaurant) and really ate way too much. Post lunch we were all feeling disgustingly full, so we rewarded ourselves with a lounge on the beach, which was really nice, however the beach was pretty gusty so after about 45 mins of  laying there we were all caked in sand.  The lay down had been much needed though.
We shook off some of the sand (not very successfully) and headed to my namesake beach…Shelly Beach.  We picked up a cup of tea on the way (albeit a very milky one) and sat by the beach for a while as it was a million times less windy than the main beach.

Time was ticking on, so we made our way back to the main port and hopped on the next ferry back.  It was perfect as we got some beautiful shots of the bridge and the Opera house as we entered the harbour.

 After we’d docked up, we went to the Opera Bar and met Sam’s friend Luca, which was really nice.  We supped on wine (and beer) and watched the sun set over the water which was stunning.

The weather took a slight turn for the worse though as it got later and started brewing up a bit of storm, so once we’d finished our 4th or 5th drink, we said our goodbyes to Luca and Scott, Sam and I got the bus back to Bondi. It so happened on this bus was another guy called Scott, who had an even larger beard than our Scott’s) – he’d been growing it for about 18 months and had a website and all sorts.  He took a photo of himself and our Scott and posted it on his website www.thisisbeard.com which was all in aid of charity and to raise awareness for skin cancer after he had lost one of his friends to it. He was a really nice bloke, so we had a good chat with him before reaching our stop and headed back to Sam’s (via a pizza place :))

Day 6

Our final day in Sydney (or so we thought)- we woke up bright and early to say our goodbyes to Sam before she went off to work.  We didn’t get too totes emosh though as we’d be seeing one another again for Christmas – which will be amazing. So Sam left for work, I had a quick chat on viber to my Dad and Scott left to go pick up the campervan from.  I pottered about…showered, tidied up and what not unti Scott starts calling me. There was problem!!??…

..turns out that Timmy had been serviced and all that, however the head mechanic there, was very uncomfortable with us continuing to use Timmy – the guy didn’t say that Timmy was un-roadworthy exactly; but he did in so many words.  They therefore “strongly” advised that we waited for another van to come in so we could take that instead.  I was therefore left with the task of asking Sam if we could stay just a wee bit longer…luckily she was absolutely fine with us maintaining our position on her sofa bed for a few more days.

With that all sorted I paused my packing up, made a brew and watched a bit of The Ellen Show whilst I waited for Scott get back with my lunch and Sam to finish work.  As if by fate whilst I was then there, a parcel from Sam’s Grandma was delivered, which she had sent in the hope Sam and I could share together…some Betty’s tea and a tea strainer.  The second Sam got back from work, we rustled up a pot of tea and sat and enjoyed…

That night we had a chilled one, which included a tuna salad that Scott kindly made for us and watched Vampire Diaries with a brew…how Monday nights are meant to be.


Day 7
Tuesday morning was a bit of a lazy one (shock!) – Sam worked from home for a bit which was great…I chatted to my Mum and tested Sam on an exam she had in the afternoon and Scott worked on his CV, so all in all a productive morning I suppose.

For lunch we introduced Sam to the delights of a brrrraappp (baked bean wrap) – although it received a good reception at the time, I’m not convinced it will be something Sam has on the regular. Post lunch, Sam headed off to do her exam and Scott and I headed off to do the Bondi to Coogee walk.  Although it was a cloudy day it was surprisingly warm once we got our strut on – it was a beautiful walk, all along the coast, taking us through several bays, secluded beaches and along cliff tops.

As we arrived in Coogee, about 1.5 hours later it began to rain, which was pretty good timing – so we hopped on the bus and headed to Surrey Hills where we met Sam in a place called El Loco.  Claire and Andrew (Sams friends)  then came and met us as we were tucking into some nachos.  Several beers later and after multiple $5 tacos we said our goodbyes and walked through Kings Cross to Darlinghurst to get our bus home (Amy – another of Sam’s friends had also joined us and walked with us as she lived near by).

All in in all it was another perfect “last night” in Sydney and we actually ended up being quite grateful to stay the additional days as it meant we got to do the Bondi to Coogee walk and see Surrey Hills too.

The next morning we said our goodbyes…again, then Scott picked up our new camper and we headed to our next destination…Kangaroo Valle, in our new friend Jimmy.


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