Week 7 Campervan – Part 1 – Kangaroo Valley to Melbourne

Kangaroo Valley

Once we had said our goodbyes to Sam again and then I headed off to pick up the van whilst Shell got our gear ready.  I felt like I’d quite gotten used to the buses and trains and wouldn’t object to calling Sydney home for a bit one day…but that’s no doubt another story some years down the line.

I had hoped to be in and out of the campervan place however they were rushed off their feet when I got there and our new (old) van was not ready to be taken.  So I sat in the waiting area and continued my Fifa league with Liverpool on the iphone (I would later go on to win the Prem with Suarez winning the golden boot which I’m sure you will all share my excitement in).

Anyways, after an hour or so of shuffling around I was allowed to move all my stuff from Timmy to Jimmy our new (old) van.  I was advised that he had only done 400k vs the 600k that Timmy had travelled so hopefully that would mean that our chances of breaking down lessened (we shall see said the Nullabor).

I traversed my way through Sydney aware that we would be leaving near rush hour which was a bit of a stinker but was delighted to see Shell welcome Jimmy with open arms upon arriving at Sam’s.  After a quick shower whilst Shell loaded Jimmy we were on the road again and in a fair bit of traffic.

Luckily that traffic didn’t last long and we ended up arriving at Kangeroo Valley at 7pm whilst it was still light.  The free camp site (Bendeela Recreation Area) was massive and only partially filled so we had our pick of where we wished to spend the night.  So we set up camp unaware of the large group of young Kiwi’s who were on a bit of a bender some 100 metres away.  Amongst the swearing and a bit mild racist banter they did seem to be having fun and once we shut our doors we couldn’t hear them.  However what we did end up hearing was a grinding noise at the back of our van.  Shell had fallen asleep and I endured it for a while before I drifted off….only to be woken by a confused and little bit scared Shell.  I’ll be honest I didn’t really know what it was but I was pretty sure it wouldn’t hurt us so battled through to the morning.  Turns out it was mostly likely a wombat (as pictures around the camp suggested)…but further still we were advised by some randoms who follow Shell on Twitter that they were likely to be trying to mate with our van due to the time of year and them being on heat somewhat.

Jervis Bay – Huskisson White Sands Holiday Park
We left Kangaroo valley somewhat jaded due to our night of passion with the Wombats who had decided they wanted Jimmy to participate in some group (hard to be PC here) “bonding”.  Feeling suitably violated we headed to Jervis bay as we had heard it had really beautiful beaches best appreciated in the sun.

Unfortunately for us it was a miserable and cloudy day so we made do with chilling out by our camper in the Caravan park.  To say we did nothing would be an understatement evident by the fact that the most exciting thing we did was had sausages for both lunch and dinner…mental hey.

We had an earlyish night and woke to glorious sunshine.  So we checked out of the park and then headed to the beach to catch some rays and appreciate the beautiful shoreline that had been masked in cloud the day before.  Shell spent an hour or so on the phone chatting to Hannah from back home whilst I basked in the glory of the sun.  After a few hours on the beach and some pics we headed back to the Huskisson white sands park where we had parked out van.  Even though we had checked out they were kind enough to let us shower and get sorted before we hit the road which we were most appreciative of.

As we left the park we were  drawn to several groups of fellow campers staring out to the sea, which we soon found out was due to a group of dolphins swimming near the coastline.  We weren’t quick enough to get any pics but we did take a few more of the beaches as we left.  Magical

Bodalla – Between Ulladulla and Narooma

After Jervis bay we drove to about 165 km south towards a place called Bodalla.  We chose this place mainly because there was a free campsite there in a forest.  We did stop off in the town of Bodalla on the way to pick up some beers as we were chuffed it was hot and sunny and therefore ideal cold beer drinking weather.

The campsite was a few hundred meters from the main road so it was quite peaceful and there were only a handful of campers around.  The only issue was that the toilets were closed due to a water mains problem…so we had to do wild wee’s and hope that number 2’s didnt come to fruition.  We supped our cold beers in the sun and then cooked a spag bol which was a bit of an effort as the terrain was somewhat uneven, however the results were superb.

We chilled out in the forest and watched the new Total Recall film.  I thought it was strange that Shell had asked me to get a sci-fi film such as this, however once she fell asleep it was evident that this was not what she signed up for.  She actually thought the film had Ryan Reynolds in and was a drama of some sort.  Never mind….I still enjoyed it.

The next morning we woke up and I decided to do a FaceTime with my family back home as my brother Ron (or Ryan as it states quite inaccurately on his birth ceritificate) and his family (his lovely wife Kelly and two beautiful daughters Libby and Matilda) were visiting my folks due it being my dad’s 65th birthday.  I managed to catch them after they had all had a few drinks and to my horror was told a story about me being a bit of a terror and kicking some fishing tackle and equipment in a lake when I was about three.   As a result I was then tied to a tree with a bit of rope to avoid any further disruption to this “family fishing trip”.  My father’s (and indeed mothers) justification for this was that A) I was very lively and a bit naughty B) there was enough rope for me to have a fair bit of freedom!  That aside it was really nice to be a part of my dads 65th birthday celebrations and see my brother Diz and the little legend that is Cam (aka my favourite nephew in Norwich).

Scrubby Creek – Near Eden

After the FaceTime session (see previous post) we drove south and stopped off for lunch in Merimbula which is about 130km south of Bodalla.  We made tuna surprise and sat by some beautiful blue lakes before heading a bit further south in search of a beach so we could have a free shower as we planned on sleeping in a free campsite again that evening.

In the glorious sunshine we stumbled upon a place called Pambula which unfortunately was experiencing some severe windyconditions (although not for the kite surfers).  We laid on the beach for an hour or two but did get baked in sand.

Fully covered in sand we felt we had earned a cold shower in the wind.  I offered to go first whilst Shell watched on.  It was very very cold and as always we got a few looks (although Shell got a few more from various lurky men).

We then headed to a free camp named scrubby creek which was in the middle of a forest.  There were quite a few other campers there who were all making fires, but being as we had just gotten clean we decided against a smokey fire and cooked up a nice steak which we ate with Ainsley Harriet cous cous and salad.  The rest of the evening was spent following the escapades of Jack Bauer….Legend

The next morning we washed up…and then as an afterthought took a picture for Shells friend Anna as she posed the question “where do you wash up” on Facebook.  Ohhhhh the fun we have.

I performed another FaceTime with the family as it was the actual day of my Dad’s bday and they had all been out for what sounded to be a lovely meal at Zaks…..I could almost taste the chilli burger that my dad described to me.  Pops got a bit emotional and said he wanted me home but I’m pretty sure that those were still not his thoughts when he woke up sober(ish) the next morning.  We then hit the road not all that sure where we would camp that night.

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