Week 8 – Campervan – Melbourne to the Twelve Apostles (Great Ocean Road)


Ollys Day 2 – We were woken up quite abruptly at 8ish when a somewhat irate Aussie lady was banging on Ollys back door because there were cars parked out the back blocking one of the 2 ways out of the alleyways behind the house.  We pulled the curtains to the side bleary eyed and tried to speak but struggled due to our thirst for deep sleep which we had been deprived of just moments before.  She shouted at us that it wasn’t a car park before getting back in her car and using the other exit perhaps adding around 20 seconds to her onward journey (not including the time spent knocking on the door).  During the commotion I called Olly who came and moved his car before heading back to bed for another couple of hours.

A few hours later Olly was up and about and wanted to take us in to town.  We headed to Brunswick Street and went to Bimbos where we had a 10th Birthday celebration deal pizza for only $2.  After this culinary delight we then wandered about  a bit more and went to the Roof Top Bar where we consumed a few more drinks accompanied with some pure 30+ degrees heat which led to quite a sweaty affair.  We went back on the tram with Olly showing us the most cost effective way to use them, chilled out a bit, showered and then headed to Victoria Markets and met Ria and Jacob there.

Shell felt really really ill so didn’t eat anything at all – but the rest of us had sangria and kebabs and potato twirls on sticks from an Asian stall.  There was talk of going to a bar but we were all a bit tired so headed back to Ollys and relaxed.  Shell and I were still unsure as to whether we would leave the day after next (Friday) however we were swayed to stay an extra night when we were invited to watched Skyfall with Ria, Olly and some of their Melbourne crew…so we booked those tickets before heading to bed.



Ollys Day 3 The next morning we were afforded the luxury of not being woken up by someone banging so had a bit of a lay in before heading to a beach in a place called Rye.  It took a while to get there and was very sweaty driving…..and we even broke our “no aircon” rule as we had Olly as a guest in the van which paid dividends on the heat situation.  By the time we arrived it was about 38 degrees and even the ocean breeze did little to cool us down.  After parking up we had a massive mix of fish and chips between us and then headed to the beach.  The beach was full of burnt schoolies and there was a bit of a party atmosphere on the beach  that made us all feel a little bit old.  After a good few hours on the beach we headed home and stopped at Coles where Olly stocked up on BBQ stuff which we put on as soon as we got home in a BBQ that Olly had found in a nearby alleyway.  A friend of the house (Mel aka -Australia) came over and brought a homemade quiche which is hands down the best god damn quiche I have ever had the delight of putting in my mouth which contained asparagus and pumpkin.

Day 4
So as we had been given a bonus day in Melbourne we decided we could either go out and about or….. we could have a lazy day and do jack all.  So we chose the jack all option and did some washing  as Olly kindly offered us the use of his facilities.  For lunch we had a brrrrap and in the evening we went to watch James Bond at the Melbourne IMAX.  We love going to the cinema so it was a really nice treat (especially as we also filled our boots with icecream  popcorn, drink and cheese twisties).  The film was good and the IMAX screen was really impressive….we left feeling satisfied with our evening and also our Melbourne experience which was enhanced by the kindness of Olly, Ria and the Melbourne lot.










Great Ocean Road

Day 1 -Melbourne to Aireys Inlet:
After a really good time in Melbourne we woke up and left at about 12 and started towards the Great Ocean Road which Shell had been looking forward to for some time.  Our first stop was Torquay  where we stopped at a little cafe called Kobo  which had a band playing.  So we sat out in the sun, had a beer and some Vietnamese street food they were serving which was a bit like Yuk sum and a Pho dish.  After we had relaxed in the sun listening to some live jazzy type music we went to Woolworths and picked up a few ingredients to make ourselves Yuk Sum later (aromatic pork mince in lettuce leaves for new readers).


Next stop was Bells Beach (which is pretty famous, Shell has made a note for us to do some research prior to publishing this blog but time is off the essence as we are now in Perth so feel free to do it yourself) and then moved onto look at the Split Point Lighthouse in Aireys Inlet.  This lighthouse is famous because it is the  one where “round the twist was filmed” (theme tune “have you ever…ever felt like this….CLASSIC).   We then went through Anglesea and headed to Lorne before going slightly off the great ocean road to find our camp for the night.  It turned out to be closed so we then had to go back on ourselves to Aireys Inlet and find a camp there.  Shell was not convinced we was going to find anything as we had been driving down a gravel road for about 10k and was not impressed by the very bumpy road (video evidence is available on request).  Once we did get there it turned out to be really nice – nice toilets in a nice spot with several other people also camping.  We had our Yuk Sum for dinner and then got our heads down in the forest covered area.

Day 2 – Killarney Beach Reserve: Apollo Bay, Port Campbell National Park, Twelve Apostles

The next day we awoke to some cloudy weather.   We left and headed towards Apollo bay and the weather got even more miserable, but made it to Apollo bay nonetheless.   The drive to Apollo bay was really beautiful (weather aside) however we were not all that impressed with Apollo bay.  What did impress us though, was the Chinese meal we stopped and had (beef in blackbean, mini spring rolls and fried rice…mmmmm).  After lunch we then headed towards Cape Otway where we spotted another lighthouse but didn’t stop at lighthouse, although Shell later revealed that she wished we had.

We drove through Port Campbell – Shell informs me that we saw Gibson Steps first, then the Twelve Apostles,  and the Loch Ard Gorge before heading towards Warrnambool where we stopped to look at London Bridge.

That evening we camped at Killarney (near Port Fairy) which was right by the beach.  After we got ourselves sorted we went and chilled on the beach watching fisherman as the sun set.  We ended the night with a few episodes of 24 and cheese and biscuits……what more could you want.

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